Status Update

by N.A. Larson

It’s hard believe it's been only four weeks since our last news post (which is to say, since this website went live), and only three weeks since PonyCon NYC! After the flurry of activity getting ready for that con, it’s been kind of quiet around here. Rest assured, though, that we’re hard at work on the next phase of our endeavour. Here’s what’s been going on:

PonyCon NYC

We had a blast at PonyCon! We may not have gotten to play much TSSSF there, but we did give out at least 60 of our promo cards! It was well received, and we got a lot of kind words for the game creators and for our efforts. Also, we did our best to dispel conspiracy theories surrounding the creators’ decision to discontinue the game.

Upcoming Conventions

If you missed us at PonyCon NYC, look for us at Whinny City Pony Con, BUCK, BABSCon, Everfree Northwest, and BronyCon. We’ll be giving out our first promo card, Pardon Our Dust, until we run out. Follow @KefentseTSSSF on Twitter for details on who to talk to. Also, we are currently working on our NEXT promo card, which we will be available at EFNW.


It is great to see that people are starting to use the forums! Already, people are posting cards they’ve made, and artists and card-designers are able to connect with each other. Hopefully this is the beginning of a robust community!

Next Phase

What we’re working on now could be called “clean-up.” We are making improvements to the card generator, and sorting through the files in the GitHub repository. These will be used to generate new versions of Core Deck and the other major releases, updated with minor corrections and standardized rules-wordings (see our errata for details). We will make announcements when the new card generator and TSSSF sets are available.

That’s pretty much what’s been going on. If you have question or comments, you can reach us at @KefentseTSSSF or

Wishing you smooth sailing,

The CofK Team