How To Play

Long-Form Rules
The rules of TSSSF, explained in detail. (From Horrible People Games)

Rules and Rulings FAQ
Answers to questions about specific cards, and the rules in general. (From Horrible People Games)

Changeling Cheat-Sheet
Unfamiliar with what Ponies are in the game? Use this guide when playing with the Core Deck to help achieve Goals using Changeling cards.

Get The Cards

Latest TSSSF Set Releases, with updates by Children of Kefentse
Core Deck 1.1.6
Tales of Ponyville University 1.0.6
Extra Credit 1.0.2

This is only the errata we've found since the last official releases (Core Deck 1.1.5, etc.). For errata on earlier releases, see Horrible People Games' website.

Printing Tutorial
How to get your cards professionally printed. It's cheap and easy! (From Horrible People Games)


Rules-Wording and Style Guidelines
A guide to writing card rules, including a comprehensive list of standard rules-wordings.

Card templates, symbols, and artwork. Also source code for generating cards.