Card Database

by N.A. Larson

It has been a longstanding goal of ours to make a searchable database of both official and fan-made TSSSF cards. Such a database would be useful to collectors to see what cards exist, and for designers to see what's been done and what they have to work with. We want to make a visual database a la Gatherer, but that's still a ways off. In the meantime, we have painstakingly entered all the information to a Google Sheet.

Technically, this isn’t ALL the cards. These are the cards that a) we know about b) have been physically printed c) fit within Horrible People's content guidelines. Even still, there are 884 cards in the spreadsheet at the time of this writing and over HALF of them are fan-made! (Pretty sure we’ll hit 1000 before 2018.)

Also, you may notice some differences between the printed cards and what's in the spreadsheet. One reason for this is that we fixed typos and standardized rules-wordings, although we tried to be as faithful to the creators' intentions as possible. Another reason is the way we’ve broken down the information into columns. For an explanation of what’s in each column, hover your cursor over the column header.

Another benefit of having this information available electronically is that it makes it much easier to generate statistics about how the game changes when you play with just Core Deck vs when you play with everything (we’ll talk more about this in a future post). Turn to page 4 of the spreadsheet for pie charts!

We hope you’ll find this spreadsheet useful, and if you see anything wrong with our info, know of any cards we should add, or have any questions in general, please let us know!

Happy Shipping,

The CofK Team